Arise Empowered


Energy Medicine Facilitator & Intuitive Consultant

Certified in the following:

Usui Reiki Master
 Karuna Reiki Master 
 Magnified Healing Master Teacher
Steward of Munay-Ki Rites
 Shamanic Practitioner & Inca Mesa Carrier
 Advanced Shambhala Practitioner
Akashic Records Practitioner
Intuitive Consultant

Why am I here?

I AM honored to be of service by facilitating healing energy medicine and wise counsel to all of you, Kindred Souls. We are all in this together, and I am grateful to contribute my piece of love to the puzzle. Your choice to engage with energy medicine will lead to personal empowerment and expanded awareness, as well as evolutionary growth for this planet and the collective field of humanity.

It is my passion to listen, care for, and lend guidance to others on their path in releasing and transmuting stuck energy from the past. Additionally, to embrace the awakening latent gifts, core desires, and re-contracted destinies. To walk with someone while retrieving lost power from this lifetime, or another, and to build undefined creations of destiny that fulfills us on all levels of our Being. To share within the journey together is the rainbow highlighted within the tapestry of our interconnected essence in life.

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I... I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."

~ Robert Frost


Nicolina's Journey so far...

 Being sensitive to varying degrees of energy has been in my awareness since I was 3 years old. I grew up presented with many struggles and challenges that are most likely not unusual for most people today, and though I felt scared majority of the time navigating through environmental conflict and chaos, I also had this feeling of being guided and protected by unseen forces of spirit, as well as recognizing multiple dimensions of reality coexisting simultaneously. 

 Developing these innate gifts required an "A-HA" spiritual awakening period during High School when I gave attention to witnessing myself from a perspective outside of the reactive participant part of me; contemplating these two distinct parts of myself led me to wonder which one, both, or either, was really me. The journey of "Who am I?" began with momentum and continues to unfold as I am continually exploring and creating new dimensions of myself.
 The programmed part of me that was struggling to fit in with my peers as a teenager; know what roles were best suited for me; exceed my parent's expectations; and aspire to a perfectionist ideal based on society's standard were tied to attitudes, perceptions, judgments, and beliefs that were holding my authentic self trapped in deep denial that felt like heavy confusion most of the time. 
 The Observer part of me was this quiet strength that has always been stable and perceptive. The depth of knowing guided me with a natural confidence that I am a spiritual being having a human experience, and for me to embrace the whole journey with an open heart to be love, share love and receive love in ALL forms. That seemed quite daunting at times, yet looking back now was only part of the maturation process of peeling back surface layers to expose deeper layers.
 When I was 17 years old, I made a conscious declaration to  be accountable to myself in life, and to embrace radical transformation to experience sincere authenticity. The adage, "Be careful what you ask for" is relevant in that I could not have grasped the intensity, as well as intimacy, my relationship to life and myself was to become. I chose to take responsibility for myself in the ways that I project, deflect, and engage with life in order to understand... who I am now, as I surrender who I "thought" myself to be.
 That perspective shift, and clear intention, just like the flight of an Eagle way up high, has changed my whole life from small to big ways. I began asking for accountability for my behaviors towards others; admitting mistakes and making amends; articulating my needs; listening to others to learn; and exploring my own unique interpretations about life as I matured beyond the invisible parameters of my own self-contained illusions.
 Of course, there were times of heavy emotion, watching people that I cared for walk out of my life, conflict and confusion as to why things had to be as they were unfolding. I explored the inner landscaping of my own psyche, past traumas and feelings that surfaced, or even re-surfaced from defeating subconscious patterns sneaking up on me once again to be seen, heard, and loved into some form of forgiveness. There were also times of revelation, connection, and synchronicities that felt magical as the mystery in life spoke to me as clear as day.
 My first spiritual mentor introduced me to the healing arts of Traditional Usui Reiki, and at 18 years old, I experienced my first initiation into Reiki Level 1. The genuine essence and compassion of Reiki working through me was a beautiful relationship that continues to this day, as I have been so grateful for the spiritual intimacy in soul-to-life teachings.
 A natural curiosity and affinity continued to soar from the levels and boosters of Reiki over the years to exploring a plethora of healing modalities, shamanism, psychic abilities, eastern philosophy practices, meditation, crystal and essential oil therapy, quantum physics, re-calibrating energetic vortex energy in the Earth, and intuitive guidance in creating new holograms. These tools and resources have assisted me in feeling love more deeply, and I AM so grateful to partake in the synergy of merging these resources to offer greater support to You.

  *If you wish to read more about my personal awakening, click on the tab to the left at the top of this page, titled, "A Chapter in my Awakening."

The Mantra I have chosen to explore within me to the depths of understanding throughout my life is the same mantra used twice daily in Amma's Ashram in India, as well as one of Ghandi's most treasured mantras.

I invite you to repeat this mantra in your own daily practice. Bare witness to the amazing complexities of your human nature interwoven with your Infinite creative Essence unfold as you awaken into greater freedom from the grip of duality.



asato ma sadgamaya

tamaso ma jyotirgamaya

mrtyorma amrtam gamaya

om shanti shanti shanti


Lead me from the Untruth to the Truth

Lead me from Darkness to Light

Lead me from Death to Immortality

Om Peace Peace Peace

Remember this...

         To Live is to Love. . .


             To Love is to Live. . . 


Disclaimer: Energy medicine modalities of healing and intuitive-spiritual coaching sessions involve energy-based techniques and intuitive guidance. They are not a substitute for, but can work in tandem with, professional health care. I am not a medical doctor or a licensed mental health professional.

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