Arise Empowered

Ceremonial Rites Available: 

Traditional Inca Despacho for births, weddings, home/business blessing, and passing of a loved one.

(fire & earth burial despacho)

Despacho Ceremony:

 A Despacho ceremony is an ancient Andean practice of offering gratitude back to Mother Earth, better known as Pachamama, by building a sweets bundle, filled with intentional prayers and offerings in a ritualistic manner to honor, give back in generosity, and celebrate our relationship with the spirit of our original Mother Earth that will never leave us, and our helping spirits of the natural world. The energies will continue to transform for several weeks after the ceremony is complete so it is important to be gentle, compassionate, and mindful to yourself and others :)

Blessing Despacho (can be burned or buried into the land)

Death & Release Despacho (always burned in fire to transmute heavy energies inside the offering)

Gratitude Despacho (can be burned or buried into the land)

  • Fire accelerates the energetic transmutation process
  • Burying allows for steady growth and fruition of manifestation

*You are welcomed to physically participate in the building of the despacho offering, though it is not a necessity, if time and distance does not permit, to RECEIVE the transcending benefits and synchronization directly. I will provide all the makings to go inside the despacho and complete the journey in ceremony on your behalf.