Arise Empowered

 What impact does energy medicine have on you in relating to life? 

We are Magnificent Beings living in a body that is fully receptive, absorbing and informing the rest of our system to adapt to changes. As the body adapts, it also retains the cellular memory of our experiences and the subconscious becomes the hiding place for our past repressed wounding.

  • Anxiety, anger, helplessness and panic are examples of lower vibration emotional reactions triggered when the brain perceives a threat signal, whether stimulated from our outer environment, or imagined events created within the landscape of our own mind. The fight-or-flight response is activated, and we experience a high level of stress in our body-mind. 

We have been conditioned to accept our "survival mode of operation" and stifle the emotions into mental compartments of acceptance, which become suppressed feelings from fear of judgment by others, or by society's standards of acceptable displays of behavior. This is where energetic blocks limit our potential in moving forward in our lives. The judgment(s) we have upon our self is equally as dangerous, and in need of balance for overall good health and vitality.

During a healing session, we access the trapped dense energies to release them, which creates a movement of energy that redistributes itself throughout the body for harmonious flow. This expanded energy space within the body magnetizes new creative possibilities of change. 

You can re-discover your essential nature by choosing to loosen your hold onto constricted attachments of the past, and release all that no longer serves you in the present moment. Shift your thoughts and perspectives, liberate your emotions and suppressed feelings, and create your core heart desires into manifested reality.

~ NOW ~

Here is an exercise for you...

Take a moment to FEEL into the sensations inside your body as you imagine the exciting possibilities of your unlimited potential. What details can you see in your mind's eye? Even if you make it up, that is perfectly okay. Creativity is born from the imagination, and in order to create a shift in your life, you have to allow the mind to get out of the way of what it already knows to catch a glimpse of what is possible beyond the known reality that you currently live.

You may visualize a movie screen playing out a full scene of what unlimited potential may look like for you, or pictures in your mind that will stimulate latent feelings inside your body, or you may get a rush of emotion. Allow your awareness to merge with these body sensations with curiosity and attention.

It is possible there may be little to no clear feeling sensation, inside your body. If so, there are a variety of resistances we use (many unconsciously) to protect us from re-experiencing suppressed feelings from old wounds and traumas that still hold a charge of unhealed pain, fear, anger, grief, powerlessness, etc.

It is also possible that you may feel a strong sensation that is uncomfortable inside your body. Inner judgments towards ones' self, others, or both intensify, constrict, and trap the uncomfortable emotions & judgments, inside the body, which are then transformed into feelings that we hold on to and transferred into cellular memory patterns. 

Old patterns are either reaffirmed, or new distortions are established. Similar to an S.O.S. beacon, signaling the frequencies of energy into the environment will automatically magnetize its coherent vibration frequency match to materialize a connection. Your outer life will match your inner life; another logical reason to do healing work.

It is our personal responsibility to unwind the kinks in our layered bodies in order to raise our vibration frequencies into expanded awareness. This state is the "Bigger picture," in which enables a positive contribution to our individual evolution, as well as the collective of humanity. 

Dis-ease in the physical, mental, or emotional body begin in the spiritual body as an energetic imbalance that manifests into form to get our attention to participate in our own healing back into alignment. Non-physical causes must be neutralized into balance in order to heal the body of pain.   

What inner obstacles block you from experiencing genuine self-love, deeper connection, balance & harmony in your life?

Are you ready to Empower Yourself into a whole new level of Being?

Ready to learn new tools, utilize resources, experience stronger health, clarity of purpose, self-love, inner peace and abundance in all forms?

Prepare for Transformation, Awakening 

& Healing