Arise Empowered


Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings.

Just for today I will not worry.

Just for today I will not be angry.

Just for today I will do my work honestly.

Just for today I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing.

*from Larry Arnold & Sandy Nevius (The Reiki Handbook) 

Healing Touch can transform deep-rooted issues gently with transference of peace, encouraging new and healthy patterns to grow from within... liberating you to dance the open sky of limitless potential. 

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                *Karuna Reiki®  is a registered trademark of the ICRT



Compassionate Action

An expanded evolution of traditional Usui and Tibetan Reiki, an additional 8 new and powerful symbols, as well as 4 Master symbols, to flow unimpeded Universal Life Force Energy into the body. As the facilitator, my body serves as a "hollow bone," while the ego goes out to lunch, and the glorious light energy surrounds and infuses our sacred space and all layers of your body. 

You are the ultimate genius, healer, without you needing to hold onto a "belief" that you are because it is the loving Reiki energy that is guided to the specific areas of the body that are most in need. Energetic intelligence on a whole new level of experience when we allow connection. Delicious warmth and loving peace radiate our whole Being while receiving Reiki. 

Sanskrit word reflecting any action taken to diminish the suffering of others. Developed by William Rand, founder of the International Center for Reiki, Karuna Reiki® recognizes the connected oneness of all Beings. Wisdom and love combined and developed leads to enlightenment.

Usui Reiki History

Originally developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui, Reiki is a healing technique better known to the modern Western world as Hands-on-Healing. 

Reiki is an intelligent energy that creates a holistic therapy for any individual needing/seeking inner and outer balance. The energy is commonly translated to "Universal Life Force" that the practitioner:

* Transfers to the client by the laying on of hands

* Hovering the hands above the physical body when no physical touch is requested

* Utilizing technique and distance symbol while in remote healing sessions. 

This is a gentle connecting experience with yourself that activates the natural rhythmic healing processes of your body and restores harmonious balance throughout the subtle bodies to the visible layer of your physical body.

Hawayo Takata brought Reiki to the Western World, opening healing clinics in Hawai'i. Before her death in 1980, she had trained 22 Reiki Masters, who have continued teaching this healing art. Initiated teachers and various traditions of belief have adapted the essence of Reiki into new systems of practice, which is why there are several evolved styles of Reiki.

Karuna Reiki®

Described as being a much higher vibration energy than Usui Reiki and helps us in awakening our energy field to embody Universal Compassion for our selves and others. It is also known to be closely linked with the angels, enlightened beings, and the Deity, Avalokiteshvara, a merciful bodhisattva known by Buddists to be the embodiment of infinite compassion. The Chinese refer to her as Kwan Yin, and  is sometimes shown with eleven heads, 1000 hands and eyes on the palms of each hand. The thousand eyes allow the Bodhisattva to see the sufferings of sentient beings, and the thousand hands allow her to reach out to help them.  

Who can benefit from Karuna Reiki®

If our life force energy is low then we are more susceptible to getting sick, or feeling the stress in our body and mind slow us down. When our life force energy is high, we are filled with vitality, good health, strong immune system, and emotional equilibrium. 

You can experience deep emotional release and physical healing without reliving past emotional traumas, potentially heal relationship codependency, insomnia, chronic fatigue, and impact addictive patterns by bringing conscious awareness to our triggered thoughts and feelings. 

Other benefits are increased compassion for people, increased trust in life, inclination towards living a healthier lifestyle, increase in creativity, increased intuition, healthier communication, stronger connection to nature, more focus, and being grounded throughout the day, as well as many other positive benefits that may be unique to you as each individual has varying needs in their healing process.

Like any healing, it requires your intent and proactive follow through with taking responsibility for your choices and integrating the new energies into your being and life experiences.

How does Karuna Reiki® work?

As you lay comfortably on the massage table, listening to soothing music to calibrate your brain waves into a receptive healing state, I intuitively place my heads around various areas of your body (physical touching is not required).The energy surrounds my body and yours, as it moves through transference into your body along pathways called meridians. These invisible channels are known to carry our life force to all major organs for balanced vitality and strong health. The energy can unblock areas of stagnant energy (also called chi, qui, or ki in Japanese), and this loosening begins to move and dissolve blocks to cause a natural flow within the body. This affect results in less aches and pains, while nourishing the bodies back into balance.

Mantra to meditate upon to cultivate great compassion: OM MANI PADME HUM


Disclaimer: Reiki healing and intuitive-spiritual coaching sessions involve energy-based techniques and intuitive guidance. They are not a substitute for, but can work in tandem with, professional health care. I am not a medical doctor or a licensed mental health professional.

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