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There are many hikes throughout the Island of Maui that will inspire your heart and soul to soar with depth of feeling and reverence. Living on the island for a few years, and building an intimate relationship "pono" style (to live in right relationship) with the Aina (Hawaiian name for "land") has become my most treasured relationship. Mama Maui holds you while she lovingly cleanses you from the inside-out.

I have experienced tremendous awakening and energetic movement in different ways throughout different spots of Maui, and I am here to guide you to these same spots. Anchoring into the aina mana (land's spiritual power), I will facilitate, as a hollow bone, the powerful and nurturing energy of Mama Maui to initiate a healing that resonates to your connection with the archetypal forces of the Divine Mother.

You are welcome to contact me, and I can energetically track which hike would be most conducive to fulfilling your overall needs and desires for harmonious balance. There are certain hikes that resonate more to the energy of a particular chakra, and depending on your needs of healing, the direction you would like to explore within and without, we will go to the areas of Mama Maui that move concentrated mana in coherent flow with your conscious expansion within an awakened experience.

You will need to drive yourself to each spot for liability and insurance purposes, as well as sign a liability waiver before we begin the hike to a new state of healing. I will give specific directions to each starting point where we will meet once the location is decided. We will always begin the hike by giving an offering, which I will supply, unless there is something special, bio-degradable (ex:fruit), and/or of natural element that you would like to contribute to the offering. 

Calling in the directions and opening with prayer and chant of gratitude; even more gratitude will be the tone of intention set before the the divine work begins.

Until the moment comes when we meet on the edge of becoming anew... cradled in the bossom of our Motherland... Much Aloha love to you, friends!

Disclaimer: Energy medicine modalities of healing and intuitive-spiritual coaching sessions involve energy-based techniques and intuitive guidance. They are not a substitute for, but can work in tandem with, professional health care. I am not a medical doctor or a licensed mental health professional.

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