Arise Empowered

A Chapter in My Awakening:

 Another life changing moment was an epiphany while running on the beach in San Diego after a college class. I can still "feel" the intense rumble of the airplane flying above me. In spontaneous reaction, I was in complete awe and elation for whatever was awakening inside me. This experience had been happening each time I saw an airplane flying above for weeks prior to the apex of this "A-HA" awakening moment.
 My mental mind interjected with judgment upon myself, "what is wrong with you, pay attention to what you are doing before you run into something and hurt yourself." I was snapped back into reality of rules, and I felt confused by my reaction, so I asked God/Creator outloud, "what just happened? Why do I feel this joyous elation when I see and hear an airplane flying above?"
 I heard an immediate response to my question in a much deeper voice inside my mind, "It is because you are meant to be up there working inside the airplane." 
 In the moment, I laughed because I was an honor roll Business Administration major at SDSU with a plan to work my way through Corporate America and secure a CEO position at a leading company defining a modern trend.
 That plan was certainly not aligned with my spiritual declaration, and that is exactly why the situation activated a heightened emotional state of awareness for me to "pay attention" to the underlining momentum of what was actually happening.
 After my run, the repeating thoughts in my mind circulated around... what is the part of me, and deeper unmet needs, that wants to complete college to become savvy and powerful in the eyes of others in the world of business and finance? And, what is the part of me that needs to be a free spirit in the world lending a helping hand to others so that they may shine as relevant equals in life?
 Could the dichotomy be any stronger? LOL! Yes, it could, however it was a moment of clarity while running on the beach that day with the sun shining on my face and in my heart. I didn't know what my dream was until I felt it! An ordinary moment for most people; became a life changing moment as I stood at a crossroad in deciding what path in life I wanted to walk? What kind of character did I want to develop? I was fully aware of the magnitude of this pivotal decision, and I could FEEL that my Spirit needed to fly unencumbered in order for me to experience authentic happiness and peace. 

 The unique "special" essence of me was becoming more clear as I was given the proof from profound synchronicities as I surrendered into listening to inner guidance, and the symbolic signs of the Earth communicating threads of possibility to me.
 Throughout the next week, I went to the career center and took a detailed personality test, which showed flight attendant as being one of the ideal matches for my personality type. Spending the next few weeks in deep contemplation and silence, I came to choose to commit fully to my spiritual path as being my top priority. The first step was to follow my inner guidance, and this mysterious, new path was an opportunity for me to open and trust.
 Once I faced my family with my decision to leave college, I also had to endure their disapproval and criticisms, without allowing the energy to break me down to the point of giving up. I chose to surrender to a Higher Calling of my Soul, and only I could fully understand what that path meant. Synchronicities began anchoring into my awareness more and more after I committed to my decision. Just like the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, so was I transforming into a higher potential of who I could become. 

 After completing that year at college, I moved to L.A. and continued purging old, destructive habits and energy patterns, while persuing the only airline I was drawn to work for, United Airlines. The change was challenging with its uncertainty, yet there was always help from others when I needed it, or a sign of reassurance in nature to comfort my nerves.
 At 19 years old, I applied once by attending an open interview with 55 other applicants, and I received a second interview in Chicago. I became an Flight Attendant for United Airlines at 20 years old, and the whole world literally opened up to me on all levels. A hands-on approach to education that became priceless. 
 The first flight I worked, I sat on the flight attendant jumpseat and felt into a moment of stillness, and that deep voice spoke again, "You were meant to be here. You are a sky angel." My heart filled with immense gratitude and amazement that the journey to get there was so unconventional, yet profound in the nature of me choosing to listen to inner spiritual guidance.
 Twelve amazing years of flying around the world, and getting paid for it (big smile), I also learned hands-on about life, myself, places, people, the unique aspects of cultures, ideologies, history, future possibilities, and falling in love with humanity and this planet. United Airlines was more than a company, it became my family, and taught me viscerally what "United" meant to me in my relationship to life.

  The freedom of time outside of my job allowed me to explore the healing arts, personal growth, and raise my conscious awareness. I absolutely loved what I did for a living, and when it was the right time to close this door and open a new one, I was completely satisfied on a soul level to resign my Sky Angel wings for a new pair of Earth Angel wings. 

Another awakening moment in Maui, Hawaii, led me to start a new chapter of business by embracing my cumulative life and spirit knowledge, as well as energetic gifts of Spirit to help others in a more focused healing way. Once again, after a period of human struggle with releasing an identity and role that I grew very attached to over the years, I listened to my Higher Self and surrendered into letting go. 

 Yes, I did kick and scream after I resigned, wondering if I had lost my mind! The irony is that I did lose the part of my mind that was no longer serving my higher spiritual purpose, which knows that as we grow, we are also led down new paths that align with where we are growing into becoming. The old paradigm became too limiting for my expression in soaring throughout the land.

The Observing Higher Self of me could see my ego throwing a temper tantrum to avoid another drastic change. Yet, this choice created energetic space for greater expansion of me as a spiritual conduit and energy medicine facilitator to take root in our beautiful Mother Earth. 

 Maui called me home to stay a few years ago, where I have experienced the greatest peace, natural love, magic and bonding with the land, people and ancestoral spirits. Sacred spots have whispered my name in the winds, and I have heeded the call each time and received spirit initiations that ground me in ancient pono and aloha.

 The tools and resources of Reiki, Shamanism, Shambhala, Magnified Healing, and spiritual guidance has enveloped me with support and comfort, as well as assistance in letting go of old energy patterns, heavy emotional wounding, and beliefs that bind me in confliction. What an amazing journey it has been thus far, and I am so very grateful for practices that have led me into my own divine essence.

 I love all people, those that have come before me, crossed the same path that I have stood on for a moment or two, and those that I have waived, "See you on the other side." I am dedicated to serve the highest good wherever I am guided.

 As Ghandi eloquently shared his wisdom with people, "Be the change that you wish to see in the world." And so I choose to be the example I wish to see in the world by healing from the inside out, and supporting others to re-member the magnificient love all of us truly are while healing into wholeness.

 Possibilities are truly endless, and once we dissolve the compartments that hold your judgments upon self and others; release and transmute past traumas; and feel the expanding presence of empowerment, we become openly clean to create anew as love warm us from the inside out. We will arise empowered and create our destinies into form to experience a new paradigm of harmony. 

 Be open to exploring all of you; Be willing to BE your Authentic self; Be willing to be Vulnerable; Be willing to Feel; and Be willing to Receive Healing for YOU! I can facilitate to help you arise empowered and become your infinite potential.


                               Nana I Ke Kumu

                 "Look to the Source" in Hawaiian