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"There are two primary choices in life; to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them" ~Denis Waitley 

   Release your fears & Actualize Your Truth


The oldest, cross-cultural spiritual healing modality that has survived over tens of thousands of years spanning the entire planet. There are Universal features in Core Shamanism, coined by Michael Harner, like journeying to spiritual realms to connect with our helping spirit guides, teachers, and power animals. These essential resources link us to working in multiple spirit realms, highlighting our inter-connectedness from the most subtle to the more intense energies.

Shamanism has been adapted by many tribal peoples all over the world, through the ages to modern western culture, and continues to offer us methods to contact sources of wisdom and power through an altered state of consciousness. It is in this altered state where one makes contact with spirit realms and helping teacher spirits whom provide guidance and assistance in healing people and places within the luminous (energy) body-fields of a person, animal, sacred space, and area of land on Earth. 

Shamanic healing enables us to trace a surface problem to its root and change our affinity to the energetic pattern living within our energy system. This, in turn, frees us from binding thought patterns, emotional reactions and destructive behaviors, even addictions. Like an onion that has many layers, we also unravel the layers of our unconscious, and move more deeply within as we continue to participate in our healing work. The lighter we become, both symbolically and literally, we open up to creatively play with the infinite possibilities that become available to us in this expansively beautiful Universe.

There is no healing session that is the same for everyone, as we are all different in how we adapt to change, circumstances, and emerge in full awareness. It will depend on how you use your "free will" choices to integrate the energetic shifts that will invariably make certain changes as it grounds into your physical body's awareness. It is the interweaving of all of life that unites us as one tribe, and to live in harmony among all our relations is the zenith of balanced living on Earth.

What is altered state of consciousness in Shamanic healing? 

It is a state of lucid awareness that allows ones' consciousness to transcend the confined mental construct of linear time and duality into a spirit realm. It is a journey across the rainbow bridge to meet with our helping spirit-teachers, power animals, and beings of light that can, and do, effect change within the luminous energy body. The emotional, mental, and physical bodies follow the luminous body in shifting into a healed state. The length depends on each person's commitment to processing the new energy into full integration, which will affect the outer experiences of each person.     

        Shamanic Remedies:


Many shamanic practitioners use drumming, rattling, or some kind of natural percussion instrument to create a repetitive rhythmic sound, inducing an altered state of consciousness to journey safely between the spirit realms. Messages and symbols will be communicated through the practitioner for you to interpret its meaning in peeling back the layers of restricted consciousness. These are some natural and practical tools for living an enlightened life of empowerment and freedom that benefits the whole organism of life.

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 Each session begins with opening sacred space by calling in the directions of the medicine wheel- the collective archetypal animal and elemental energy templates; then smoke of white sage dances throughout our space to clear all stuck, old energy; fire from a candle to transmute the dense and heavy energies; a bell and/or rattle used to move the energies in the space and in the body; sweet grass to cultivate the new light of illumined creation energy at the end of a session; and heart-full of gratitude in closing sacred space with prayer to our helping spirits, power animals & Great Spirit.

Illumination Process: 

“The illumination process erases imprints and overwrites them with light, so we break free from the grip of karma, and we're no longer guided unconsciously through our lives into the repeating emotional and physical ailments we can see so clearly when we look back at our histories” 

   ~Healing Through The Luminous Energy Field, Alberto Villoldo PhD

A guided clearing process used for transformational clearing that opens up the luminous energy field and 7 major healing centers, better known as chakras, to work on a core level to release old, heavy energies informing a person in unhealthy ways. The damaged chakra(s) is cleared, repaired, and illuminated with light to change the energetic affinity from a negative frequency charge to a positive frequency. Each Chakra is a spinning wheel of light that pulls in energy from the outside and sends energy back into our environment. Each chakra is associated with different core issues, colors, and sounds. 

This is where we hold our emotional, genetic, karmic histories that continue to repeat into cyclical patterns in the experiences we attract into our lives consciously, or unconsciously. Our old fears and hurts metastasize these traumas into constricted hardened blocks of energy, in which leads us to experience less momentum, will, voice, and overrall organic power. This denseness can cause us to become numb to our deeper pains, and disconnect with our authentic self, others, nature, and spiritual capacities, as well as cause depression, illness, and/or psychological disorders. These energies may lay dormant until triggered by a resonating energy stimulus, which serves only as a mirror to remind one that healing is needed.

Soul Retrieval:

The Illumination process always precedes a soul retrieval to prepare one for re-integrating gifts and fragments of soul power that splintered off due to past trauma. Most commonly suppressed trauma occurrs when we are quite young, and we disassociate from certain aspects of our essence out of the necessity to survive the experience with the level of conscious awareness we have at the given time to process the heightened stress. We have all experienced trauma in our life, whether it has been emotional, mental, or physical to varying degrees, and there are times when our whole self moves on from an experience. It is the part of us that remains stuck in the old trauma that leaves us feeling in the present moment like something is missing, or simply "out of sync."

The disassociation can be likened to placing the left over emotions and judgments atop a shelf to be dealt with another time when we ware more "ready" to integrate the experience, although rarely do we elect to return to the shelf once we begin moving forward in life and feeling happy and satisfied. It is common for many of us to notice what is sitting on the shelf when more experiences unfold that are similar in theme and energy resonance to what was left unresolved and unhealed inner wound.

Trauma does not have to refer to an extreme experience of pain; how each of us interprets various circumstances and emotions differently, another unique component of our humanity. You may wonder, what is this essence that fragments off due to trauma? The best explanation will be an example for you to visualize... a 7 year old boy is playing his guitar and singing, which he looks forward to each day. He spent his day thinking about songs and music notes, talking with his friends about music, and singing to his family after dinner. Music was the constant theme in this young boys life, until one day his father came home from work with an aggressive attitude from being bullied at the office by his boss. 

The father, not realizing how his mood was affecting anyone else in the home, snapped and yelled at his son while he was singing his new song in the kitchen, "stop all your racket as it is making my headache worse."

The young boy didn't understand what he had done that was so wrong, and as his father walked out of the room without an explanation and let the moment roll off his back. As the father let out his pent up steam of emotion from the day in the office, his son constricted within the shock of the experience not having the tools of awareness to re-empower himself.

Not realizing, or meaning to, he internalized the hurt and fear of "not being good enough" to where he no longer felt as comfortable singing and playing the guitar in front of other people. His spontaneity and confidence in expressing himself went "on the shelf." As time went by, the young boy grew up self-conscience and chose behaviors of expressing himself that were more limited and powerless because he did not have ALL of his essence intact, and forgot that he put part of himself on a shelf to come back to in order to heal completely. The experience of trauma fragmented that part of his essence, and as he survived by moving forward he left a valuable part of his soul power behind unhealed. 

The intention with doing a soul retrieval is to restore a sense of wholeness, strength, and vitality by re-claiming fragmented soul essence. During a trance journey, I will connect with our spirit helpers, travel to the Underworld dimension and locate the lost part of you associated to your current imbalanced issue. If it is "willing" to return, with the assistance of spirit helpers, and your Higher Self, we will re-engage your power essence back into your luminous body. There will be a gift from the Spirit realm to assist your integration work long after the session that will be pertinent in holding your returned essence within your energy field. 

The gift(s) can be a symbolic object, affirmation, power animal, and ritual ceremony/integration work. These energies you can utilize to grow closer and stronger in connection with the part of your essence that has returned to co-create. It has been experienced by many that when someone has a soul retrieval, their life changes in a very big way and not to be taken lightly. Just as a human body can reject an organ transplant, if our choices do not align with the healed part of us, the returned soul essence will re-fragment and leave one vulnerable once again. This is why integration work is so important for you to ground in order to hold greater power of yourself. 


A process of releasing negative, unwanted, misplaced, and disruptive energies from one's luminous energy field. With the help of your helping spirit teachers, we can track the entity within your bodies, coax it out by using a pure double-terminated quartz crystal, as the dark energies are drawn to the light of high vibration frequencies that the crystal signals into the client's bodies. The entity is then released with grace into a flame of fire for complete transmutation back into a purified form of Source. 

The entity attachment comes in many different forms, as it can be a moving fluid energetic entity that can originate from multiple sources, such as negative emotions (anger, jealousy, envy, fear); addictive patterns; ancestral/lineage patterns; societal beliefs; or curses. 

The energy could also be in the form of an entity attachment, such as a stranger from an accident, or a ghost who attaches to a vulnerable host to feed off living life force; or it could be a friend, or family member, who has passed away during your life and is afraid to move on. A family member before you were born could attach to your energy field with the intention of protecting you, or to live through you in a manner of speaking if that person died with unfinished business. 

Curses and spirit possession are also entity attachments that are destructive to human potential and empowerment. A person can be alive and feeding off of your energy field, commonly referred to as "energy vampires." If you begin to feel and act like another person, it is possible there is intrusive energies causing disturbances in your balance.

Some common symptoms of any form of attachment is: not feeling like yourself; addictions; binges; localized pain; depression; extreme mood swings; confusion; lethargic; helpless; powerless; and suicidal thoughts. 

Regardless of the reason "why" you may have an attachment, it is always unhealthy to have any entity feeding off of your life force. It is draining and causes harmful imbalanced side affects, and limits the available energy you have to create greater potentials for your life experience. 

Once the client is cleared of an entity attachment and a sense of balance is restored, it is common for the client to experience greater calm and peace in the body; some times a lighter feeling of the body; feel younger; a happier, joyful innocence; the voice, or laugh, or facial features and expressions change.

An Illumination follows extraction work to remove the associated affinity frequencies, in the affected chakra(s), to the energetic pattern of the entity attachment. It is common to have more than one session to complete a full integration of new patterns of being and seeing life through "new" eyes within the whole body-spirit-mind system. 


"Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light." 

~ Norman B. Rice

Power Animal Retrieval: 

A journey into the Middle World to retrieve lost spiritual power by re-connecting you with your power animal, our dearest spirit ally helpers, whom are are in constant service to humanity. There is significant medicine in the way an animal is consistent in its character of Being, that we can draw from each animal energetically as we develop their attributes into our own energetic signature (expression into the world around us).

The animal totem will offer spiritual protection and guidance as you integrate the restored power from an Illumination, and stay with you as a helping ally from non-ordinary reality. Yes, your imagination is the beginning point of reference as we evolve from our conditioned ways of perception as it is our natural resource in changing from one state to another. Our imagination is the pathway to our innate innocence. Our power animal helps us to shapeshift during our evolving conscious state to more easily affect the necessary changes with greater calm, ease and grace.

In Shamanism, it is believed that we are all born with at least one main guardian spirit, and one main power animal whom stays with us for the duration of our life. Other helping spirits come to us at varying times in our life when we may need their spiritual and physical strength, wisdom, and protection; these power animals leave once we have moved through the human challenge that drew them to assist us in the first place. 

Often times when we experience power loss, it is because we have disconnected from our power animal by refusing to work with the spiritual/intuitive guidance the animal spirit provides. When the connection is not honored, the power animal's energy leaves the person, which in turn leaves the person's energy field unprotected and vulnerable to all kinds of low energies. Chronic illnesses, fatigue, depression, misfortune, accidents are all signs of power loss.

Ways you can strengthen your power animal connection: 

You build and strengthen your power animal ally relationship by giving yourself permission to live into the energy of child-like innocence through your imagination, coupled with matured respect, honor and gratitude. You can grow the energy of the animal within your energy field stronger by having a picture of your power animal in visible sight in your home, meditating with your animal ally, dancing your power animal as you imagine what it would feel like to be in the body of the animal.

Supporting a rescue group of the animal group; dialoging, offering prayers of gratitude; surrounding yourself with a stuffed animal, or figurine to keep the energy in constant momentum in your conscious awareness. This will lead to a strong relationship with your power animal, and synchronicities will abound in plentiful ways to reaffirm your energetic relationship growing more intimately within and without yourself.

Pueo Totem animal from Ohai Trail in Maui

 “If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the Earth.”  ~ Chief Seattle of the Suquamish Tribe

Destiny Retrieval:

Destiny journeying comes after sessions of clearing out the old, trapped energies, extraction work, illuminations that re-pattern your body template. Once you have surrendered into dying to old aspects that no longer serve your highest good, Spirit opens the Upper World journeying to retrieve the re-birthing energies of healed states, new timelines for your destined future, and gifts of new paths being formed from a higher state of creative energy.

There is a big difference between "fate" and "destiny," which many of us use these words interchangeably, yet are quite opposing in applicable function to describing the direction of our life. Fate is what happens to us when we do not do our spiritual work in a conscious state; fate dis-empowers us to accept what happens while we remain in a sleepy-state, relinquishing self-responsibility as a genuine co-creator of our life.

Destiny is what happens from our self-responsible, conscious state of awareness, as we empower our choices to be in pro-active alignment in co-creating what we need and desire. A nature consequence to our alignment is living in a harmonious relationship to life that supports the evolutionary process of the entire system.

The key to a successful Destiny Retrieval is to do the initial preparation work on your old imprints in your energy field because then you are creating space to receive and hold new information that will rebirth your experiences. 

 Integration Work-Play after session:

This could incite a memory of homework after class from our growing years in school, yet there is an empowering and still playful truth that we are constantly growing no matter our chronological age, and the post-session work that is asked (never required) is truly for your own benefit to support your healing by integrating the energy shifts that were made from the session. 

Our multiple-layered energy bodies have to go through a detoxification in order for the energy to permeate into the physical body to be expressed into our outer world. This is a process and can be supported by you in participating in a few activities that will be uncovered during the sacred space of your healing session.

There is no right or wrong way to do Integration work, as there are no rules per say. I will relay the messages from spirit and offer suggestion for you to play with, and what resonates for you and your imagination will serve you in your healing journey to full empowerment and freedom. It is most important for you to enjoy and be open to different ways that you may be inspired to do to accomplish the integration.

          Examples of Integration Work-play:

  • Sand Painting in-doors or outdoors in nature
  • Nature walk 
  • Meditation
  • Creating an altar for home/ancestors/business/new destiny
  • Salt bathes
  • Sacred Fire ceremony
  • Observation writing
  • Write a Gratitude journal
  • Dream Diary
  • Dialog with Soul part/inner child/power animal after Soul & Power Animal Retrieval
  • Vision Board
  • Personal Eulogy/Obituary 
  • Power Animal dancing/drawing/reading

 Disclaimer: Shamanic healing and intuitive-spiritual coaching sessions involve energy-based techniques and intuitive guidance. They are not a substitute for, but can work in tandem with, professional health care. I am not a medical doctor or a licensed mental health professional.

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