Arise Empowered

Space Clearing for a home or business: 

Energetic imprints of dense emotions are vibrationally patterned and trapped within physical structures, such as our homes and office buildings. The Earth also holds traumatic emotional charges from past events, which is why some people experience deja vu, or a sudden emotion overcome their senses and not understand the cause for its onset. 

Just as we cleanse on a physical level when you see the dust and dirt accumulating in your home as a result of daily activities, the same is needed when heavy energies build up on an energy level. You may not see the "dust and dirt" of human emotions, but they do accumulate in any space.

When we cleanse our environments that we live and work in, the space energetically becomes a contributing ally of supporting higher vibration frequencies to our personal energy field. Our higher potentials to manifest greater synergy of health, vitality, inner and outer peace, creative flow, abundance & happiness is supported when the space around us is cleared of all blockages.

Generally, it is recommended to do a thorough space clearing session at least once a year in your home, or after intense events with negative energy, such as a divorce, serious illness, death, or physical move.